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SEO - Online Visibility

In order to be successful with SEO we need to have an understanding of the client's business. Some examples of areas we analyze in the startup of a SEO project are:

  • What products or services do you offer?
  • What is your target group?
  • What is the competitive situation?

Efforts to make a website more visible include work within two different areas:

On-Site Optimization

The most important part, initially, is to review what changes to the structure and coding are necessary to maximize searchability. The On-site optimization also includes a review of the content on the site (text and images). The material should be composed to achieve the highest possible conversion rate, while search engines such as Google need to understand the context of the content.

Off-Site Optimization

Link building is an important part to succeed with SEO. By building a network of links from relevant external websites to your site, we can highlight the relevance of the landing page and thus achieve higher visibility in search engines.

The foundation of all successful SEO work is a close dialogue with the client. In our case, this means frequent reports and regular evaluations.