Mild Media - Webbyrå Göteborg


To succeed in e-commerce you must offer something unique - the world doesn't need just another webshop. If the product isn't unique, the strategy has to be.

Mild E-commerce is a combination of a proven platform and a fully customized solution. The stability in the form of connections to ERP's and payment solutions are in place, and with our methodology you can feel confident that the solution is tailored entirely to your business. The benefits of customized e-commerce are numerous. Not only do you get a design that is completely customized to your business, but you also get functionality that's developed with you in mind - and only you.

A standardized solution is never perfect since every company is unique to some extent. Obviously, the design should be tailored to what you are actually selling, but so should the CMS. Mild Media is a web agency in Gothenburg with e-commerce solutions