Mild Media - Webbyrå Göteborg

Content services

Mild Media is a full service agency that takes responsibility for the entire site. With the right content, your website will be vibrant and attract both existing as well as new customers. We have skilled employees and partners to ensure the highest possible quality.


We ensure that your website is filled with informative and relevant content. We analyze your target audience, and use language they identify with to connect with them in an effective and relevant way.

Our copywriters can adapt their services to suit your needs. We can help you with writing full texts entirely from scratch, but also by adjusting an existing text or simply by reviewing the grammar and language.


The right photos brings life to your website in a way that that never can be achieved with just text. Our skilled photographers will take professional pictures which are then edited and customized to fit your web site.


We help you translate your website into other languages. There are very few languages we can't help you with.