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Windows Mail

1) Open the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts".

2) Select "Add".

3) Select "E-mail account".

4) Enter your name in the "Display Name", eg "John Smith".

5) Enter your full e-mail in the "E-mail Address".

6) Account Type: POP3..
    Incoming server:
    Outgoing server:
Check the "Outgoing mail requires authentication".

7) E-mail username: [your full e-mail address]
     Password: [password for the e-mail account]

8) Click "Finish".

9) Select your new e-mail account in the list and press "Properties".

10) Select "Servers".

11) At the bottom under "Outgoing Mail", select "Settings".

12) Select "Use same settings as my incoming server e-mail."

13) Select the "Advanced" and change the port for the outgoing server 25 to 2525