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Outlook Express

1) Click on the "Tools" menu.

2) Select "Accounts".

3) Select "Add" and "Mail".

4) Enter the name of the e-mails to be sent from, eg "John Smith". Click "Next".

5) Enter the e-mail address you want to add (see below). Click "Next".

6) Select "POP3" in the first field.
    Type "" in the second field.
    Type "" in the third.
    Click "Next".

7) Enter the email address of the account you enter in the "Account Name".
    Enter the password for the account (see below).
    Click Next".

8) Click "Finish".

9) Select the account you just created and click "Properties."

10) Select the "Servers".
      At the bottom, check "My server requires authentication".
      Click on "Settings".

11) Select "Use same settings as my incoming server e-mail".
      Click "ok".

12) Go to the "Advanced" tab and change the SMTP (which is 25) to 2525.

13) Click "ok".

14) Close the box with "Close".