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In this section we will help you get started with setting up your e-mail accounts. If you don't have e-mail enabled, please contact customer support.

Create, edit and delete e-mail accounts.

Sign in to your client page at If you don't know your login information or wish to make a change via our customer support please contact us.

Using webmail

All of our clients with the e-mail service also have access to Mild Webmail. Login at

Install an account in an e-mail client

We've compiled seven guides relating to the most common e-mail clients. The guides are easy to follow and explains how to set up e-mail accounts. If you have an e-mail client not listed below, please use the generic guide.

Generic e-mail setup >>
Guide for Windows Mail >>
Guide for Outlook 2003 >>
Guide for Outlook 2007 >>
Guide for Outlook Express >>
Guide for Entourage >>
Guide for Apple Mail >>
Guide for Apple iPhone >>